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Zapper facilitates easy and secure payments for you, whether you are shopping online, paying for a taxi, settling your bills or making donations. We invite you to join us on our journey and take part in a new way to experience simpler and safer payments at restaurants and when shopping! Furthermore, at Zapper we are always improving our product offering and expanding our features and functions to help you find amazing deals at your favourite restaurants and even sharing those with friends in a few quick and easy taps. Splitting the bill for your table is straight forward and we will keep track of your receipts inside the app.The Zapper app is designed and supported by leading technologists with a wealth of experience in mobile technology, payment processing as well as risk and fraud management.
WITH ZAPPER, YOU GET:• FAST AND EASY BILL PAYMENTS: Settle your bill fast and securely by scanning the QR code on your bill.• SPLIT YOUR BILL: Easily split the payment of your bill with your friends.• EXPLORE RESTAURANTS: Use Zapper to find and book at great restaurants in your area.• GET FREE VOUCHERS AND DISCOUNTS: Save money by finding vouchers and specials at merchants nearby you. Even share these with your friends.• SAFE AND SECURE: Your payments are safe, secure and your card details encrypted.